How do you feel about me?

He was hard to please.


Don't forget to return the book to the library.

"I really do," replied the little black rabbit.

If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.


I had a dog named Cookie.


We can't forget that.

Maybe Kikki wasn't hungry.

He knows how to take care of business.

The baby really takes after its father.

She seemed very surprised when I told her about it.


It's on the house.


Let me remind you again that March 31st is the due date.


Mwa is wearing a drysuit.

It's about Andrei Tarkovsky's last film.

Although he is Chinese, he doesn't speak Chinese.

Don't think about it too much.

The sky will soon clear.


Spring will come soon.

Everyone had a good time.

Do you have a smoke?


In a democracy, the people elect their government officials directly.

His parents approve of the engagement.

I kind of like it.

Brandi and I are like brothers.

You're quite sharp, aren't you?

Does Ned have a chance?

I gave him a couple of books.

The mayor expressed his sympathy to all the families of the victims.

He may have seen it.

The newspaper says that she committed suicide.

Dori thought I was making it up.

She's the real racist.

Listen, Vicki, will you just stop shoving me around?

Justin asked Adlai if she knew when the concert started.

Mr Smith, as I knew him, was a modest man.

Which is more common?

Edmond sold us out.

He is afraid of the dog.

Patty says he thinks it's a waste of time to vote.

I have nowhere else to go. Can I sleep at your place?

You have it wrong.

You must avoid making such mistakes.

I've heard it said that English is for making money, French for making love, and Spanish for praying to God.


Sirius has an elliptical orbit.

What is the seating capacity of the type of aircraft M80?

Roast beef is usually accompanied by Yorkshire pudding.

Barbra and Darrell couldn't find an empty picnic table.

We'll call Rodney.

I will not dwell any longer upon this subject.

This puzzle has 500 pieces.

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People under eighteen aren't supposed to buy alcoholic drinks.

Robbin is still the same weight he was when he was a teenager.

We rolled up the rug.

I'm going to the United States.

I'd like to talk to them.

A passing car splashed my coat with water.

If the Americans had had less influence on affairs, war might well have been avoided.

It is not always easy to hit the core.

Max did say that he didn't want to go with us.

How far is it from here to that station?

Kikki finally had to get a restraining order because Graham kept stalking him.

I'm convinced Manjeri can succeed.

Yikes, wait a second!

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I tell them that every day.

That was money well spent.

Don't you want to talk to them?

I warned her.

Michael, this is the restaurant where your father and I had our first date.

I'd like to talk to the coordinator of this project.

Where did you come up with that stuff?

Hypocrisy is my abhorrence.

Jelske sees red.


Can I have some anchovies with olives?

It is impossible.

Devon is coating the wall with plaster.

Millions of people were unemployed then.

I won't fly in a plane.

What do you want to do with your life?

We have a very famous jew as a guest.

From the tower you can look out across the plain spread beneath your eyes.

It's a bad investment.

I want to meet people from all types of backgrounds.

I'd like to ask you the same question once more.


I'm already busy.

We've talked to Mario.

You have a problem there.

You should travel while you're young instead of spending time in front of the computer.

The milk was adulterated with water.

We lost no time coming out of the shop.

The dog has been barking.

The people hailed the victory.

You better get some sleep.

The history class starts at nine.

Christie acted as if he didn't care.

Winning isn't the only thing that matters.

He seemed to read at random.


I ended up apologizing.


There are no towels in room 15.

I may as well die as do it.

I met her tonight.

I still can't tell you why.

You will ask Melinda, won't you?

This is my brother.

Dan's children were asleep upstairs.


I'll help you raise money for your charity.

They send us spare parts.

I asked around and there don't seem to be any stores around here that sell that.


You'd better leave her alone.


A careful observation will show you the difference.

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But that's no argument!

The most important figure of mathematics of the nineteenth century is, undoubtedly, Gauss.

Congratulations on being accepted to the school you've always wanted to go to.

Diane was trying to kill Hohn.

Better run away right now!

I've got some coffee for us.

The graph of the cosecant function has vertical asymptotes.


Walls have ears and Shoji style Japanese paper sliding doors have eyes.

Maria took the metro, since her car broke down.

Steven is considering doing that.

I wonder who she is.

I keep bumping into you.

Whales are said to have lived on land long ago.

The doctor sat up all night with the sick old man.

My mother is indifferent to politics.

Which joint did you dislocate?

She faked her own death.

I won't discuss this with Teresa.

When was the last time you ate lunch with Juha?

We've got enough.

In my opinion, he is not up to the job.

Is it still up in the attic?

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You should go to bed.

Both Monty and Bucky blushed.

He works in the car industry.

Her air of innocence is apparent, not real.

That's uncalled for.


It was quite an experience.

At any rate, I can go out when it stops raining.

We have room for many more.


My boyfriend met a gay friend at the beach.


I have plenty of ideas.

Out of twenty students, only one had read the book.

I am writing on behalf of my husband, who is in the hospital.

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Have you told him this?


They tortured him.


Yesterday, a young missionary was at my front door, but I was not able to dissuade him from his faith.

What about going out for a drink this evening?

Anna has gone out for a walk.

Juliane didn't notice that he was being followed.

Don't repeat such a careless mistake.

Did you sleep well today?

I cannot afford to buy such a thing.

She slipped a drop of love potion into his coffee.

He returned to his home in Tennessee.

Collin isn't the only one I called.

I saw you at the flower shop.

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There are signs everywhere.

He pressed me for a prompt reply.

I sincerely hope you'll get well soon.

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I'm not good at speaking French yet.

I was in control.

Who told you that I dropped out of school?

Let's go a little further.

Joni needs some adult supervision.


The Jacksons are waiting.


Five gallons of regular, please.

She teased me about it.

I think it's time for a career change.